Admission Deadline

      • Summer 2021:
        • April 19, 2021 (transfer only)
        • June 21, 2021 (new & returning)
      • Fall 2021
        • July 19, 2021 (transfer only)
        • September 20, 2021 (new & returning)
      • Winter 2022
        • October 18, 2021 (transfer only)
        • December 20, 2021 (new & returning)

Your application must be submitted by the date you wish to start your quarter at SU.


If you have a question for us about our school, please visit this link below and ask your question.

We will contact you as soon as possible.


Please note: The KCA program is only accepting applicants for the Fall 2021 Quarter.

You can click any of the links below to begin your application:

If this is your first time at our school, or you are Changing your Status:
If you are going to be transferring from another school to Stanton:
If you have completed a program at SU, and would like to continue another program: